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  • Mega world

    Decentralized metaverse with real economy created and owned by players

  • Farsite

    DeFi powered MMORTS with persistent
    universe and player-owned economics

Layer 2
Unity Developer
We are looking for:
  • At least 3 years in Gamedev industry
  • Desktop/mobile builds experience
  • 3D/2D or both
Must have knowledge of:
  • Optimization techniques
  • Unity animation system
  • Shaders
  • Multiplayer systems
  • Unity GUI system
  • Asset bundles
  • Meshes generation/edition
  • VCS (Git)
  • Unit tests
Preferred experiences:
  • Experience with VR/AR development
  • Native mobile development experience (iOS, Android)
  • Experience with ECS approach
  • Building top products on rapidly growing markets in strong collaboration with team members
  • Developing clean and commented code
UX/UI Artist
We are looking for:
  • At least 2 years in UI for games
  • Master of Photoshop + Figma
  • Excellence in digital art
  • UX-first approach
  • Well-elaborated portfolio
  • UI for top products on rapidly growing markets
  • in strong collaboration with team members
Game Designer
We are looking for:
  • At least 3 years in MMO Game Design
  • Solid communication skills
  • Game Theory is your second name
  • Mathematical analysis and Probability theory are your best friends
  • Building vast gaming worlds and scalable economies
  • Features design for top dApp games
  • Constant R&D in hunt for new concepts
  • Have an eye for breaches in balance
  • GDD


  • They’re Alive! Mega World Citizens Become Avatars

    by playtoearn.online

    Mega World continues their push towards building their city simulator into a 3D virtual world with the conversion of Citizens into Avatars.

  • Farsite starts recruiting pilots for the interstellar scholarship program

    by ambcrypto.com

    SUPERNOVAE team, creators of the famous decentralized city-builder MegaCryptoPolis, launches the long-awaited Pilot Academies – an interstellar scholarship program for the space-themed dMMO called Farsite.

  • New Opportunities in Decentralized Gaming – Farsite Alpha Is Coming

    by coindesk.com

    For almost three years, thousands of enlisted players have been waiting to start their interstellar adventure in the Farsite universe – the decentralized MMO set in a post-apocalyptic future, where humans have had to leave the Earth aboard spaceships in search of new planets and scarce resources.

  • cNFT protocol brings utility to NFTs, changing the play-to-earn industry as a whole

    by cointelegraph.com

    GameFi may be the use case necessary to prove NFTs have real utility and are more than just hype.

  • GameFi may be the use case necessary to prove NFTs have real utility and are more than just hype

    by cointelegraph.com

    New interstellar adventure game Farsite combines NFTs with DeFi, using 'collateral non-fungible tokens' to represent players' spaceships.

  • Escaping the Earth Dec 14 with a New Play-to-Earn dMMO

    by theblockcrypto.com

    The Earth, once the Eden, the precious gift to mankind, has turned to a dark, exhausted orb in this vastly deep, cold, and seemingly empty space. We are no longer welcome here. But we still believe that this could not be the end. Not yet.

  • MEGA Hits +800% After ‘World’ Upgrade Video, Demo 15 March

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    A decentralized city transforms into a virtual world allowing players to trade collectible NFTs on the scarce gaming

  • NFTs at the heart of major upgrade for decentralized virtual city

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    A decentralized virtual city is getting a massive upgrade,

  • MCP3D World : Metaverse is coming

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    If you like management games, you must have heard of MegaCryptoPolis! The game started in 2018 where it was possible to buy and

  • MegaCryptoPolis World Demo Coming Soon

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    MegaCryptoPolis will show a demo version of their upcoming World update in two weeks. The development team has their

  • MegaCryptoPolis Matic Integration is Live

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    The MegaCryptoPolis Matic Integration is live and brings instant transactions on the Ethereum network, zero Gas Fees, and a free to play mode.

  • MegaCryptoPolis to Become a Multiverse And Free to Play

    by egamers.io

    MegaCryptoPolis is evolving into a Multiverse game with a free-to-play world. This move will take the gameplay

  • Virtual World MegaCryptoPolis Releases Its Native MEGA Token

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    Native tokens are a standard feature of most blockchain

  • MEGA Token Is Here to Drive the MegaCryptoPolis Economy

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    On October 28, top blockchain game MegaCryptoPolis 3D

  • Top Ethereum City Builder dApp Goes DeFi to Enable Yield Farming

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    MegaCryptoPolis city builder dApp game running since 2018 on Ethereum and TRON

  • MegaCryptoPolis launches DeFi powered $MEGA token to enable yield farming

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    MegaCryptoPolis the city builder dapp game has been

  • MegaCryptoPolis launching MEGA token on Ethereum and TRON

    by blockchaingamer.biz

    Blockchain game MegaCryptoPolis has announced it’s launching its MEGA token.

  • MegaCryptoPolis Launches DeFi Powered $MEGA Token To Liquidize NFTs and Enable Yield Farming

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    MegaCryptoPolis city builder

  • MegaCryptoPolis evolves and goes DeFI!

    by nonfungible.com

    When MegaCryptoPolis moved to 3D a few months ago, that was just the start of a long series of updates. Indeed, the game has seen


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